Helping You Lead Your Best Life

No matter where you are in your leadership journey, we can all agree that we get hung up in fear, insecurity, or just simply not knowing what we need to do next. Maybe you find yourself feeling like you need support or guidance in a barrier you can’t overcome. Maybe you simply need someone in your corner cheering you on, who is a safe person you can be honest with. Maybe you need someone asking you the right questions.


The truth is, the answer lies within each of us—but we need strategy in question asking to bring it out of us. We need accountability in our growth and other people to help us take our leadership and teams to the next level.


That’s where I come in.


I’m devoted to cultivating emotionally intelligent leaders who achieve the outcomes they desire in their personal and professional lives.


While IQ focuses on logic, reasoning and analytics; EQ focuses on how well we’re connected to our emotions, values, desires and motivations as well as those components in others. Higher levels of EQ foster an environment for better collaboration, problem solving, hiring, creativity, resilience, and win-win scenarios.


Through purposeful and strategic problem solving, I’m committed to helping my clients break through barriers and overcome challenges with:

  • Conflict resolution
  • Interpersonal and professional relationships
  • Team building
  • Understanding themselves and embracing limitations to use their strengths
  • Boosting Morale


I’m passionate about guiding people to uncover their true self, embrace all of who they are, build on their strengths, and live a life of purpose through use of the Enneagram. Through this, we’ll know more about Christ and His mission for our lives—leading to fulfillment, joy, and freedom.


My approach to coaching is unique. As a certified Spiritual Emotional Intelligence coach with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing and a minor in psychology, I focus on the inner-workings of a person and, more specifically, emotional intelligence. I believe everything rises and falls with how great our emotional intelligence quotient is. If we’re functioning at full capacity with optimal self-awareness, self-management, motivation, social skill and empathy—research shows we’ll experience much success, as will our companies and teams.


Whether you’re struggling personally or you’re not sure how to handle a situation with another person on your team…I’m here to help. I truly believe in the process I’ve created, and have seen it work time and time again. For a free 30 minute consultation, connect with me here.


Let’s become better leaders, together.