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In Jenni Catron’s new book, “The 4 Dimensions of Extraordinary Leadership” she unpacks the verse below found in the gospels and applies it to exemplifying four specific dimensions of extraordinary leadership.



“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.”




Jenni describes each of the 4 dimensions of extraordinary leadership as:




Those you lead must know that you deeply believe in where you’re leading them and why. Visionary leadership means keeping hope and possibility in front of yourself and those you lead. It’s recognizing that your job as a leader is chief vision caster every day.


The soul is the part of us that longs to know God. It’s the epicenter of morality, integrity, humility, and servanthood. It is the spiritual component of our leadership, and gives you the sensitivity to engage in the conversations that help lead people closer to God. It is the distinction that sets you apart as a faith-based leader.


The mind is the seat of intellectual activity. It is what enables us to deliberate, to process, to reflect, to ponder, and to remember. The mind enables us to take a leader’s instincts and inspiration and put them into action. Leading with the mind allows you to make wise decisions about stewarding all the resources that God has entrusted to you.


The heart of a leader is the truest part of who he or she is. Your heart is the center of your emotions, desires, and wishes. Your heart is what most connects you with other. It’s the relational dimension of leadership. It’s developing the art of emotional intelligence. When you lead from the heart, you see others as living, breathing humans with stories, emotions, families, strengths and weaknesses, and tragedies and joys.



Any chance to further our self-awareness and uncover more about our own leadership, is an opportunity for growth that we should take advantage of. Well I have exciting news, you can do just that by checking out the special book page and take the Extraordinary Leadership Assessment for yourself! On the book page, you can read a sample chapter, take the assessment to help you understand which dimension you lead from, and pre-order the book. When you pre-order the book (and follow the instructions on the webpage) you will receive a FREE Leader’s Guide to guide your team through discussion. So, not only will you learn more about your personal leadership but you will receive a tool to guide your team through leadership discussion as well. How cool is that?! Check it out and be sure to take advantage of these terrific resources!



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