Hello! I’m Krystal.

I started my coaching career over a decade ago working full-time for a multibillion dollar healthcare organization as a professional coach. As a nurse coach, I managed a client list of over 400 individuals with coaching focused on chronic disease management, addiction, smoking cessation, weight loss, nutrition and exercise. After much success and a few promotions, I acquired a region of nurse coaches and 11 major corporate clients with whom I was directly responsible for meeting performance metrics and improving outcomes by how well I coached my team. My team of nurse coaches achieved unheard of record-setting performance metrics within the company and an unparalleled improvement in morale. Client satisfaction was greatly increased by improved outcomes and led to further growth for the company.


My coaching experience is set apart by high accountability and improved outcome factors. It was through my success at a multibillion-dollar healthcare organization as a professional coach and after uncovering my natural strengths as a coach and leader in emotional intelligence that I realized my calling and began to focus my career on coaching. Since then, I founded Krystal Gail Coaching and have been intentional about surrounding myself with industry leaders and continually learning from the best. I’m a member of Six Seconds and a certified Spiritual Emotional Intelligence profiler. I have enjoyed coaching individuals across the globe through various facets of life and many leaders in ministry, the public sector, mission fields and nonprofit realms.


If you see me out, I’ll be the one holding the hand of a tall handsome man named Brett, juggling two active boys and most likely chugging strong, black coffee.