Pastures Of Grace

You know those times in life when everything around you seems to be in disarray and you just feel lost?  When you’re longing for direction, but the path is unclear? When uncertainty and aloneness seem to be swallowing you whole and you just don’t understand what went wrong.



That’s a scary and desperate place to be.



I was feeling this exact way recently.  I found myself going through some transitions, and watching things unravel that I didn’t quite understand. I wasn’t seeing fruition in the things I was working towards, and I started questioning what exactly my calling was at this point in my life. I watched things that were not in my control, seemingly start to spiral out of control. The path I was following seemed to be lost. In truth, I felt helpless and abandoned by God, and I started to panic.



Then I happened upon this picture as I was reading a blog post by The Pioneer Woman…



Psalm 23:1-3 instantly came to mind:

The Lord is my shepherd;

I shall not want.

He makes me to lie down in green pastures;

He leads me beside the still waters.

He restores my soul;

He leads me in the paths of righteousness

For His name’s sake.



Wow!  How quickly, in the midst of unsurety, I forget the nature of who He is, and just how good He is. How truly, truly good.



It wasn’t that God had left me to flounder around aimlessly and alone. I just needed to readjust my view and change my perspective. I was never lost. I was just unfocused. He saw me the whole time, and was right there all along, waiting for me, with abundance and grace.



The Lord is my shepherd;

I shall not want.

He makes me to lie down in green pastures;

He leads me beside the still waters.



He had everything I needed,  and I would have seen that if I would have stopped focusing on the problems, and instead, focused my gaze on Him. If I had kept my eyes on the true Shepherd instead of getting distracted and shifting my gaze in the wrong direction, then I would have seen Him waiting there, gently coaxing me back to the lush green pastures of His grace – a place of rest and refreshment.



He leads me in the paths of 

righteousness for His name’s sake.



The path was still there. My path. The one He laid out specifically for me. I’d just lost sight of it.  Thankfully, my eyes found His again. And, today, as I rest here in His goodness, and as He continues to “restore” and refresh me in His green pastures and by His still waters, He is gently guiding me back towards the right direction.



I know this season of “recovery” is coming to an end, and that He is beginning to  lead me again, on my journey, down the path He has set out for me. The truth is, I don’t even need to know where the path leads. I just need to follow the Shepherd who will always guide me towards what He knows is best for me. He will always lead with His goodness and perfection. I just need to let Him.





Kim is a wife, mom, and lover of both Jesus and crossfit.  She is a germaphobe minimalist who loves all things black and comfy, and will sacrifice life and limb to to be in her soft pants before 8pm.  Kim serves as a worship leader and an administrative assistant at her home church in South Florida.      

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