What People Are Saying

Jenni Catron


Leadership Author & Keynote Speaker and Founder of The 4Sight Group


“One of the marks of a great leader is their commitment to continued learning.  This is just one of the things I love about Krystal!  She is a rigorous student, constantly seeking to grow herself in order to better serve those she coaches. Her warmth, wisdom and practical insight will be an extraordinary asset to anyone she works with.”


Melinda Small, B.A.
Paralegal, Wolinetz & Horvath


“Krystal’s coaching group was a transformative experience.  I had heard of coaching before, but had never participated in group coaching.  While it was out of my comfort zone, Krystal has such a gift for putting people at ease and for helping them to open up, even when it may not be their natural instinct to do so.  Rather than being intimidated, I felt confident and encouraged by the process.  Taking the enneagram was the most insightful part of the experience for me; those results gave me a way to interpret and acknowledge my true self in a way that I really had never even considered to be possible.  I would highly recommend Krystal’s group coaching and individual coaching for anyone who is seeking to gain a greater understanding of their true self, as well as to anyone who wants to develop their emotional intelligence quotient for interacting with others.”

David Brincks
Executive Coach, Laurus Leadership Development, LLC


“Krystal has been blessed with a warm, positive personality and a passion for helping people realize their full potential. Our ongoing discussions about coaching demonstrate a strong desire to grow her coaching skills and to do what is needed to best serve those entrusted to her coaching. I firmly believe Krystal is equipped and committed to being a high impact coach.” 

Diana Pyles
Executive Director, Ignite Our City


“Being a part of Krystal’s leadership coaching group truly changed my perspective on my self and life in general. I left every session feeling more empowered, confident and encouraged than the last. She challenged me to really dig deep to discover my true self and help identify who I am in Christ. The entire experience was truly life changing for me and I often go back to the notes and books we discussed in our group for inspiration and guidance. I went into this group afraid to take a leap into leadership and now I am a leader in my church as well as a non-profit organization. Her coaching ability helped change me in an exceptional way and I am truly grateful.” 

Stephanie Gustafson, M.S.
Packaging Engineer, Abbott Laboratories


“Leadership coaching with Krystal was surprisingly helpful. Her approach to our discussions, reading and activities challenged our way of thinking and helped us build ideas on how to improve and take action on the individualized insights we gained. Thoughtful prompting questions paired with a bold agenda was great motivation to really engage in the process. The concepts we covered still come to mind for work and other leadership activities. Thanks to Krystal!”

Jess Rook, LMHC, CAP
Lead Therapist at Center of Discovery
Owner of Restored Purpose

“Krystal asked the right questions at the right time. She helped me to uncover my true self and grow into a better version of myself.  This helped me to focus and prioritize my life.  She introduced me to the concepts of emotional intelligence, healthy boundaries, self-care and balance, as well as relational equity.  Her coaching improved my self-leadership and she provided me the foundation for growth and success that I’ve carried with me both personally and professionally.  I have been able to look at challenges in different, more positive ways and learn the art of working under stress while making decisions most beneficial for my team.  She helped me to set realistic attainable goals and gave me practical action steps to help me achieve them. I am a better leader today because of the coaching I received from her. I would highly recommend Krystal Gail Leadership Coaching to anyone that desires to develop greater emotional intelligence and overcome barriers hindering them from tapping into their true leadership potential.”