Wisdom In Words | A Devotional For Moms

God speaks to everyone in different ways. In The Cause Within You, Matthew Barnett says, “On a practical level, you may be wondering how God will ‘speak’ to you. Most people never hear an audible voice telling them what to do. Yet He communicates clearly and unmistakably with each of us if we know what to be attentive to and how to respond.” For some, God speaks through passion and circumstance. For others, God may speak audibly, through reading scripture, through other people or something else entirely! The bottom line is that He speaks, and we want to be diligent in figuring out our specific love language with Him.



How do you think God speaks in your life?



In today’s reading of Luke 2:12-24, verse 19 says, “But Mary was keeping within herself all these things (sayings), weighing and pondering them in her heart.” There were some things that God communicated to Mary that she didn’t speak about, but instead kept them to herself. Throughout this week’s devotional we’ve read several verses that show this quality in Mary. I would consider it wise and discerning.




There was a time in my life where the Lord gave me specific instructions on how to handle a situation that had fallen into my lap. What He spoke to me was clear, and I was confident in taking action. I made the decision to proceed with a plan in place. I shared it with a few people and I was surprised at some of their reactions. Some folks were supportive – as I assumed they would be. Others, although close to me at the time, were not so supportive. I could tell that they were consumed by their own fear and it prevented them from supporting my decision. I could have easily been discouraged by their lack of support and not been obedient to what God was leading me to do. If I’m being honest, there were a few times where I did let their reaction discourage me. I had to be intentional with keeping a positive frame of mind and focused on what He was doing so I could be obedient to His will and not miss out on what He had in store.



Have you ever regretted sharing something God placed on your heart with someone? Why?



I believe that when God speaks something to us, many times we need to keep it to ourselves. We should continue to pray and seek confirmation as we take action on His words. He gives us the faith to believe what He has said to us. If we try to tell it to others, they may think we have lost our minds! Other people do not always have the faith to believe what God has told us. Also, negative reactions from critics may reflect their personal disappointment or fear in not being able to accomplish the things that God has placed in their heart.



There are times where it is safe to share with others, but we need to be like Mary and use wisdom and discernment before sharing where God is leading us and ensure that it is a safe relationship. If we share with the wrong people at the wrong time, we can get completely derailed and end up not following God’s call. What if He wants to do something totally awesome through you and you miss out?! What if He has something incredible in store for your child but you are discouraged by a trusted friend? We cannot allow what God has placed on our hearts to be derailed by critics. It’s appropriate to listen to their complaints because sometimes they are right and other times, even if they aren’t, we might learn something about ourselves, our cause or how to better influence the lives of people who don’t understand.



Moms, this is especially important for us as we lead our children into a life that is obedient to God. How we handle what God places on our hearts will be noticed by our children and most likely repeated. I believe that God gave mothers empathy and a unique sensitivity to their children’s emotional and spiritual climates for a reason. It is important for us to stay attuned to this while seeking God for direction on how to raise our children in such a way that facilitates His will in their lives. We want to surround ourselves and our children with people who have our best interest at heart and support, but also challenge us to be our best self. We don’t want to leave folks in our circle who discourage us, lack authenticity, steal our peace or distract us from our calling. Our babies need us to be sensitive, strong and stable in what He places on our heart!



How does today’s passage speak to you? Meet me back here tomorrow for our last devotional!


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